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After my daughter's friend practically begged us to use this photographer for our daughter's senior pictures, we stopped by the studio. Upon walking in we were very impressed and yes, he is good.

However. . .he walked around the corner and immediately asked in a very stern, rude, tone "what do you need" I told him my daughter's friend told us to come here. He told us we needed to call and make a consultation appointment.

I asked him if he had time to answer just a few questions. Again, said he snapped at us and said "FINE, what do you need to know". I asked what his sessions cost and he told me that if we aren't willing to spend over 1,000.00 we need to leave.

We left.

Avoid this *** at all cost.



We had the same experience with the owner being rude and pushy. He wanted us to purchase a $1200 plus picture.

When we said we couldn't afford that, he became very rude and almost angry. We will not be going back or referring anyone we know.


I am extremely shocked to hear this, and I apologize profusely that this was your experience with us. I don't remember this interaction at all.

I appreciate that you were impressed and in your words, we are good. We have always strived for the best possible customer service. We've been in business for 6 years and have never had a single complaint like this so I apologize once again. We did have an employee who quit around the time this was posted, so maybe it was him that you spoke with.

If so, like I said he is gone. Once again, my apologies for this.

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